"I have both trained with and assisted, in the field testing of Casualty Transport Systems products. Our crews found them to be exceptional. We were able to move patients found in difficult locations or awkward situations, with confidence, safety and ease. That's what CTS provides."

- Skip


"We had a young female fall while sledding. She was having severe back pain and required immobilization and extrication from several hundred yards up a hill covered in slushy snow and mud. The CTS-1 performed as promised. The unit was assembled with the 24 inch wheels and used to carry our equipment to the patient's side. The patient was then immobilized, placed on the CTS-1, and a two person crew walked her safely back down the hillside to the waiting ambulance. This was my first experience actually using a Casualty Transport product. I was impressed."

- Ron


"We have used our CTS-1 on multiple occasions and are very happy with its performance. Even when we had a concern, a return call from Casualty Transport Systems came almost immediately, and Dan drove three hours to personally deliver the new tire set we needed that week."

- Cascades