In response to the needs of emergency providers around the globe Casualty Transport Systems has stepped up again. Our new concepts and designs, increase ease and ergonomics of use throughout our product line, starting with the CTS-1.

Our CTS-1 system now comes complete with our own proprietary “foundation board.”  It is longer, wider and lighter than our previous board and allows for the reality of larger patients in today's rescue environment.

We have also added an optional mattress which allows the CTS-1 to become a cot when being used in the Search and Rescue mode.  Exhausted personnel can catch a few winks before being re-deployed in the field.  Patients love the comfort as well while waiting to be evacuated.

Our “Foundation Board” pins securely to the CTS-1 frame; ready to use in seconds.  Slip i n the Foundation Board, secure with 2 provided steel retention pins, and you’re ready to roll.


 All Casualty Transports Systems are designed and manufactured in the US.  Casualty Transport Systems are made of heavy gauge aluminum finished in durable and attractive electrostatic powdercoat.  Axles are 5/8 stainless steel with Bowtie locking axle pins.  Casualty Transport Systems are designed to provide years of trouble free service.