No it’s not just for the Armed Services.

The CTS- Military Unit is a one piece folding platform, originally designed for the NATO Stretcher, it accepts virtually any pole-type stretcher.  We have also provided, as a package, our own proprietary “Foundation Board.” and an optional mattress pad for the CTS- Military.  This allows the rescuer to use the “Foundation Board” with both our CTS-1 and the CTS-Military in lieu of expensive pole stretchers.

The optional pad has been very well received by patients waiting to be evacuated.  The mattress cover is water proof and washable in the case of deposited body fluids.  Folded for storage its compact profile makes it a perfect addition to MCI caches and trailers.  Even with the wheels installed the CTS-Military Unit is less than 10” wide.


The CTS-Military units simply pull open thanks to its hinged, folding design.  A quick adjustment of the 4 side clamps allows the CTS-Military Unit to accept almost any size pole stretcher or rectangular/non-tapered spineboard.  Your unit will come complete with a specially manufactured strap that pulls the hinged sides of the unit inward effectively locking it onto the stretcher/board.  The CTS-Military Unit rides at a height of 32” so it mates perfectly with MCI/Decon/Hazmat roller systems.  This working height also allows the CTS-Military Unit to function as a totally portable emergency care bed system.