At Casualty Transport Systems we believe in innovation, simplicity, functionality and improved patient care.  We are always looking for ways to improve the way care is delivered.

Our new “ASP” (Arm accessibility Strap Platform) is the perfect solution for control of a patient’s upper extremities when, for any reason, they are unable to follow simple commands.

Our “ASP” system employs 2 hook and loop wrist wraps that buckle independently into a adjustable waist strap allowing the care provider to keep the patients hands in a resting position at their waist.  The innovation comes from the quick release buckle that instantly allows the care provider full access to the patient’s arm for IV access, blood pressure assessment  or re-evaluation of any parameter or procedure.  When you are done you can quickly buckle the patient’s arm back into the “ASP”.  No more loose, flailing extremities that pose an increased risk of patient injury.  The “ASP” utilizes a quick connect loop at both points of attachment, so the “ASP” is a perfect replacement or addition for the waist strap of any gurney, backboard, scoop stretcher or other patient transfer device.

Again; we can say; “why hasn't someone thought of this before?”